Start Your Summer Off With Customer Success Stories

At Perpetual West, we partner with industry leading companies to provide small and medium sized businesses with the best cloud-based solutions to fit their needs and budget. When it comes to adopting a new cloud-based solution, learning about how other companies have implemented/found success with a solution can be a great resource. Here’s a sampling of recent customer success stories from three of our key partners: RingCentral, Google for Work and Salesforce.
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How To Get The Most Out of Your Search On Google

Ranked as the most popular search engine in the world, people use Google everyday to look for information.  Did you know that Google has tips/tricks that can help you quickly find the information that you are looking for? Simply put, it all comes down to punctuation and formatting tips that anyone can use to narrow down search results.  Google also has hidden functions that you can use with a specific search query to find and display helpful information that users look for on a regular basis.   Read More

RingCentral For Google Integration Now Available

If you use Google for Work and are a RingCentral customer, you are going to love RingCentral’s latest integration.  Simply put, RingCentral for Google makes Gmail and Google Calendar your ‘hub’ for all business communications as you can handle communication tasks without leaving your Google account.   What does this look like?  With RingCentral for Google, you can make RingCentral calls and send Business SMS text messages directly from your Gmail account, increase the number of people who attend a Google Hangout, and even fax files from Google Drive and Google Docs.

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2014 Roundup – Best Apps of 2014

With over 1.3 million apps in Apple’s App Store and another 1.3 million apps in the Google Play store, finding the best apps of the year can be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? One of the best resources on the internet are the ‘Best of 2014’ lists that companies release in late 2014.   As a consumer, you can take advantage of the time and effort that companies have put into evaluating apps and discover apps that you may not know about.  Take a look at four of our favorite lists for the ‘Best Apps of 2014’ below.

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Chromebooks for Work – 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Take a Closer Look

With PC sales in decline and Windows XP no longer supported, businesses have some decisions to make.  What hardware should we use to get the job done going forward? The computing landscape has changed considerably in the last 10 years. Gone are the days of Microsoft dominance. The cloud has enabled collaboration from anywhere. Tablets and smartphones are now the devices of choice.  People expect to work from anywhere with any device.  Google is leading the way in the cloud (Google Apps for Work as an example) and with Android mobile devices.  Basically, they’re innovating technology that makes work better.  One Google initiative that has gone largely unnoticed by businesses to date is the Chromebook.  It’s a new breed of computer that is fast, secure, and cost effective this is easy to manage.

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