Ranked as the most popular search engine in the world, people use Google everyday to look for information.  Did you know that Google has tips/tricks that can help you quickly find the information that you are looking for? Simply put, it all comes down to punctuation and formatting tips that anyone can use to narrow down search results.  Google also has hidden functions that you can use with a specific search query to find and display helpful information that users look for on a regular basis.  These hidden functions include:

  • local weather
  • current time
  • sports scores
  • stock market quotes
  • movie times
  • flight statuses
  • package tracking
  • conversions (from imperial to metric)
  • calculations
  • definitions of a word
  • translations

Check out the following infographic by WhoIsHostingThis.com to learn how you can save time and get the most out of your Google search.