If you use Google for Work and are a RingCentral customer, you are going to love RingCentral’s latest integration.  Simply put, RingCentral for Google makes Gmail and Google Calendar your ‘hub’ for all business communications as you can handle communication tasks without leaving your Google account.   What does this look like?  With RingCentral for Google, you can make RingCentral calls and send Business SMS text messages directly from your Gmail account, increase the number of people who attend a Google Hangout, and even fax files from Google Drive and Google Docs.

RingCentral for Google is available to all RingCentral Office customers as an extension for your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.  To use this integration, you need to meet three key technical requirements:

  1. Have an active Google account
  2. Using Windows XP (or later) or Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion (or later) operating systems
  3. Supported browsers include Chrome 30 (or later)


To learn more about RingCentral for Google, check out these helpful resources from RingCentral:


  1. RingCentral for Google: The Basics blog post
  2. RingCentral for Google Datasheet



As a RingCentral Authorized Dealer and Google for Work Partner, we can help your business get the most out of your investment in the cloud.  Contact us today at (877) 388-6400 to learn more about how your business can be more productive by using RingCentral phone systems and Google Apps for Work.