Get More Out Of Your RingCentral Service With Key Integrations

Make the most of your investment in a RingCentral phone system by using
your RingCentral service in one of these key applications

RingCentral for Salesforce

  • Make and receive calls through the RingCentral phone system directly from your Salesforce account.
  • Incoming callers are matched to existing contact records and are displayed on the screen.
  • Take notes while on a call and they’ll be saved in Salesforce
  • Note: Must have Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited edition to use the RingCentral for Salesforce app

RingCentral for Google

  • Make and receive calls from Gmail with your RingCentral phone system.
  • Schedule RingCentral meetings and conference calls directly from within Google Calendar
  • Use RingCentral Conferencing to increase Google Hangouts attendance from 15 to 1000 participants.
  • Fax directly from Google Drive and Google Docs & more.

RingCentral for Desk

  • Make and receive calls through your RingCentral phone system while working directly in cases.
  • Click-to-dial phone numbers shown on your screen for any customer records.

RingCentral for Zendesk

  • Make and receive calls through the RingCentral phone system directly from your Zendesk account.
  • Incoming callers are automatically matched to existing client records and displayed on your screen
  • Tickets are created automatically when a call arrives

Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Make calls, send faxes or text message directly to any of your contacts within Microsoft Outlook and more.
  • Forward message attachments to clients or team members
  • Click to call numbers from your Outlook contact list, email signatures, web pages or documents

Box Integration

  • Send faxes from your Box account using your RingCentral service.
  • Fax your Box documents to up to 50 recipients at one time

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