Accounting Software That Can Adapt To Your Business

All businesses, no matter what size, require secure, reliable accounting software. As an accounting software specifically for small to mid-sized businesses, NewViews NV2 brings integrated payroll abilities, flexibility, true real-time multi-user, full integration, Direct Deposit, EFT, direct to email, and so much more. Developed as a windows-based NewViews NV2 can be tailored to fit your accounting needs, whatever they may be.

What Are The Benefits of NewViews NV2 Accounting Software?

Complete Flexibility

NewViews NV2 can be customized to meet your accounting needs no matter how straightforward or complex they may be, and can be easily adapted if your needs change. You can use a standard accounting setup for a set of books, or custom design your own reports and accounts. It’s the only accounting software you will ever need.

Real-Time Transaction Processing

With NewViews NV2, all reports – including financial statements – are updated with every transaction you enter. There are no batches to process, no period end closings. You can view or print information that is completely up-to-date at any time.

Full Integration

NewViews NV2 is a fully integrated accounting system. You have access to General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and all other subsidiary ledgers or supporting schedules. You also get complete financial statements, including Statements of Changes in Financial Position. In addition to providing all accounting functions, NewViews NV2 lets you put notes everywhere, allowing you to incorporate financial and non-financial information in one integrated business management system for a better, overarching view of your company.

Ease of Use

With NewViews NV2, entering a transaction is as easy as entering a row of data, just like on a spreadsheet. You have direct access to your data at all times, without complicated menu structures and there are no restrictions on when you can perform specific operations.


NewViews NV2 is “Multi-User,” allowing multiple users in the same database at the same time – even in the exact same place within the database! Whether in the same office or across the country in a satellite office, Multi-User works with the same secure aspects, removing any expensive national networks to link your offices with the critical data they need.

Executive Summary

Are you looking for a document that focuses on how NewViews NV2 accounting software works and what sets it apart from other accounting software in the marketplace?  Click on the button below to access the NewViews NV2 executive summary.

Our NewViews Services

Customized Training

As a Certified NewViews NV2 Consultant, Perpetual West offers customized onsite training for NewViews NV2 to help users make the most of their software investment. With customized training, you will gain a thorough understanding of which NV2 features best suit your business processes by training you right in your own books.

On-Going Support

After the initial training is over, we are still here to help your business on an ‘as needed’ basis.  We are just a phone call or email away – save time and frustration by letting us help you fix any problem areas that you are having with NewViews NV2.


Do you need help converting your NewViews DOS books to NewViews NV2 for Windows?  We have converted hundreds of NewViews DOS books to NewViews NV2.  Instead of learning to do the conversion yourself,  save time and effort by allowing us to take care of this task for you.

Payroll and Software Updates

We can assist your business by installing payroll updates, creating tax slips for employees and any other updates that are released.

Benefits of Customized Training

Use your converted books

We work with your converted books during the training session. This facilitates the best learning environment for your staff.

Reduced travel costs

By having one of our certified consultants/instructors come to you, rather than your entire staff coming to us, both travel costs and time are reduced.

Focus is on your company

Only your staff is involved in the training, unlike in a general workshop setting where many different companies can attend. Again, this allows us to work with your books directly, without having to worry about sharing your information outside of the company.

Are you interested in learning more about how a NewViews consultant can help your business?