Remember All Your Passwords With LastPass

LastPass is an award-winning password manager for businesses and individuals.   Use LastPass on your laptop computer or smartphone to manage passwords in a simple and secure way.  Key features of LastPass include:

Take LastPass Everywhere You Go

Saved passwords in LastPass can be accessed from anywhere

Make Online Shopping Easy

Your profile will fill all your payment and shipping details for you when you are ready to make a purchase

Create Strong Passwords

Built-in password generator creates long, unique passwords that protect against hackers

Keep Digital Records

Keep card numbers, memberships and more safe and easy to access

Share Information With Others

Share passwords and notes with others in a safe manner

Prepare for Emergencies

Let trusted family members access your LastPass account in case there is an emergency

LastPass Business Plans


Increase security for your business with multi-factor authentication (MFA)

$4.10 CAD / user / month*


Simple and secure password management recommended for teams of 50 or less

$5.28 CAD / user / month*


Single sign-on & password management for an unlimited number of users

$7.10 CAD / user / month*


Single sign-on + multi-factor authentication + password management

$11.00 CAD / user / month*

*Billed in USD annually

LastPass Single User & Family Plans


Multi-device password sharing with 1GB of encrypted file storage for personal security

$4.17 CAD / month*


Secure password management with 6 premium licenses for easy password sharing

$5.56 CAD / month*

*Billed in USD annually

LastPass Videos

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