Recognizing the fact that social media is not going away anytime soon, many small businesses have created social networking accounts to reach/engage current and potential clients.  If your small business is just starting to think about a social media presence, where do you start?  Building a social media presence requires planning and a commitment to monitoring/updating the social networking accounts that have been created. Ultimately, the goal of any social media plan is to share valuable content with the greater community so that the individuals that ‘follow’ or like’ your company continue to engage with you on an ongoing basis.

Recently, Purolator posted an interesting infographic on the topic of small business and social media.  This infographic is a helpful resource for small businesses as it highlights the top 5 social networking sites that are influencing the business world, offers statistics on Canada and social media usage, defines ‘need to know’ terms, and provides 7 tips for getting started in social media.

Key Statistics:

  • The top 5 social networking sites for small businesses to consider are:  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.  Small businesses need to evaluate which social networking sites are the best investment of their time and energy to reach current and potential customers.
  • Out of the top 5 social networking sites, Pinterest is the fastest growing social networking site
  • The most popular social network in Canada is Facebook –  In Canada, Facebook has 19 million active users, Twitter has 11 million active users, and LinkedIn has 6 million active users. 


Check out the full version of the infographic below to learn more statistics and to see a breakdown of the 7 tips for getting started in social media.





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