Whether you are a new Twitter user or are a seasoned pro, we can all learn some tips and tricks to help create the perfect tweet.  Where do you start?  A tweet should be easy to read and contain useful information that the reader wants to share with others so that your tweet can reach the largest possible audience within the 500 million registered users of Twitter.  A perfect tweet is like a recipe: 1 part planning, 1 part editing and careful use of the 140 character limit that Twitter gives users when composing a tweet.

Key Tips and Tricks For a Perfect Tweet

  • Be conciseSave space (and characters) in your tweet by replacing ‘and’ with ‘&’.  Avoid the use of slang or abbreviations as these can come across as unprofessional (especially if your Twitter account is for a business).
  • Include a Call to ActionEngage your reader by asking them to do something  (i.e. discover, learn etc.)
  • Include a linkAdd value to your tweet with a shortened link to a website, blog post, article etc. where the reader can go for more information
  • Limit use of hashtags – Don’t use more than 2 hashtags per tweet and attach hashtag symbol (#) to specific keywords within your tweet so that individuals not following your account can find your tweet if they are searching for a specific hashtag.
  • Leave space for comments/retweeting – Don’t use up all 140 characters but leave at least 20 characters empty to leave space for retweet (RT) information and comments.  For more information about how to get more retweets on Twitter, click here to read our blog post on the topic.


For more information about how to create the perfect tweet, check out the full infographic by Neomobile:



How To Create A Perfect Tweet

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