We consult on Salesforce CRM and Google Apps for Business.  Why?  Simply because Salesforce is the best CRM product in the market and Gmail (part of Google Apps for Business) is the best email application in our expert opinion.  Read our blog Cloud Computing and SMBs: Top 10 Reasons SMBs Should Use Cloud Computing for further details on why we believe this.


Since Salesforce and Google Apps were both born in the cloud, they’ve always gotten along reasonably well.  Emailing from within Salesforce has been easy with Gmail links and the Bcc functionality works not too bad.  However, let’s be honest that a lot of us spend a fair bit of time every day in our inbox. Flip-flopping between apps is a pain, even if both are run within your browser.

This pain has been eased considerably if not eradicated completely with Cirrus Insight.  Cirrus Insight is like caller ID for your inbox.  Simply hover over an contact listed on an inbound email and their info from Salesforce is shown on the right.  If they’re not in Salesforce, simply create a contact or lead right from within Gmail.

Cirrus Insight = Salesforce + GmailCirrus Insight makes associating emails to Salesforce records slick and easy. No more having to “resolve” emails after the fact within Salesforce. Simply click on an email and “Add to Salesforce”.  Not only does this allow you to associate an email to a contact but also a case or opportunity in the same step.  Need to associate an email to an unrelated contact…no problem, just search that contact from within Gmail and add “Quick add!”.  For any outgoing emails, easily “Send & Add”.

Cirrus Insight is currently listed as one of the top paid apps on www.appexchange.com and has great reviews by users.  If you currently use Salesforce and Google Apps Gmail, we encourage you to try the Cirrus Insight app out!  You can’t go wrong as there is no credit card required for a 30 day trial.  We absolutely love it as it’s improved our internal processes tremendously and we know our clients will benefit from it.


Click here for a 30 day free trial and be sure to use Promo Code Perpetual for a 20% discount!