Did you hear that Facebook is introducing clickable hashtags?  Over the next couple of weeks, Facebook users will be able to start using hashtags as a way to add more content to a post and link a post to a larger discussion on this popular social networking site.   When you click on a hashtag in Facebook,  users will see a feed of what other people and/or pages are saying about the topic.

Facebook Hashtag 101

  • A hashtag is a keyword or topic that starts with the # (pound) symbol
  • Hashtags can include multiple words (with no spaces).  For example: #SocialMedia
  • Facebook is playing catch up by introducing hashtags to the online community.  Major social networks that already support hashtags include Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and YouTube.
  • According to the Facebook,  there are four things that you can do with a hashtag in Facebook:
      1. You can search for a specific hashtag from the Facebook search bar
      2. You can click on hashtags that originate on other services (like Instagram)
      3. You can compose posts directly from the hashtag feed and search results
      4. You can control the audience for your posts (including those with hashtags)
  • Facebook is planning to roll out more features including trending hashtags and deeper insights



Example of a Hashtag in an Unpublished Facebook Post:


Facebook Hashtags







Example of a Hashtag in a Published Facebook Post:


Facebook hashtag


Additional Resources:

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  2. HubSpot Blog – Facebook Launches Clickable Hashtags #Finally.  This blog post includes a great section on Facebook hashtag tips for marketers.  



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