What does 2014 hold for cloud computing? According to a recent infographic created by QuoteColo, the future of cloud computing looks bright.  Cloud computing is not a passing fad and is here to stay as companies and IT professionals alike continue to embrace cloud computing in 2014.  Why?  The answer is simple – they recognize the value that cloud computing brings to the table and has to offer to companies of all sizes.

Key Statistics

  • Did you know that cloud computing spending in 2014 is projected to be 155 billion dollars?
  • Top cloud computing benefits in 2014 include 1) improved availability, 2) application scalability, 3) lower costs, and 4) efficient usage of IT resources
  • The top 3 ways that companies are using cloud computing are for 1) business applications, 2) web application hosting, and 3) email
  • For additional statistics, scroll down to see a full copy of the infographic.


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Cloud Computing: Facts and Predictions 2014
Source of Infographic – http://www.quotecolo.com/cloud-computing-in-2014-facts-and-predictions-infographic/