2014 Roundup – Best Apps of 2014

With over 1.3 million apps in Apple’s App Store and another 1.3 million apps in the Google Play store, finding the best apps of the year can be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? One of the best resources on the internet are the ‘Best of 2014’ lists that companies release in late 2014.   As a consumer, you can take advantage of the time and effort that companies have put into evaluating apps and discover apps that you may not know about.  Take a look at four of our favorite lists for the ‘Best Apps of 2014’ below.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use The RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce

I’m a big fan of apps that just work.  Once setup properly, a good app should be simple to use and make life easier.  Historically, CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) apps have been high maintenance so for the most part, I’ve steered clear. As long as you have the exact hardware and software setup that the CTI app required you may be OK, but how many SMBs have the time to bother.  If it’s complicated, limited and aggravating, only companies desperate for CTI will move forward with the implementation.  Regardless, who wants to be the consultant telling a client things like: “You have a Mac…sorry you’re out of luck!” or “You need to install the windows application, then make sure it’s running in the system tray.” or “It’s still not working?  Try uninstalling and reinstalling again.” The RingCentral Cloud App for Salesforce eliminates those headaches.

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Three Key Benefits of Working Remotely

Gone are the days when all employees commute to a traditional office space to do their job.  These days, employers are embracing the concept of working remotely as cloud-based technology allows employees to stay connected and work from home (or virtually anywhere).  In 2013, RingCentral published an interesting infographic that highlights some of the key benefits of working remotely based on three key areas including: productivity, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact.

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RingCentral Infographic – Are You Working Effectively?

Earlier this year, our friends at RingCentral surveyed 448 businesses to discover if trends when it comes to how connected workers are to their jobs outside of the workplace.  The results of the survey are very interesting as they found that the line between work life and personal life is being blurred as workers stay connected to work outside of the traditional work week.  RingCentral summarized the results of the survery in an infographic (see below) as this is the one of the best mediums to communicate survey results to the masses.  Here is a quick summary of the key findings of the survey: Read More

Infographic – Cloud Computing Facts and Predictions for 2014

What does 2014 hold for cloud computing? According to a recent infographic created by QuoteColo, the future of cloud computing looks bright.  Cloud computing is not a passing fad and is here to stay as companies and IT professionals alike continue to embrace cloud computing in 2014.  Why?  The answer is simple – they recognize the value that cloud computing brings to the table and has to offer to companies of all sizes.

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