Do you use Google’s Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad?  Implementation choices for the Google Calendar app on iPhones and iPads are plentiful.  There are pros and cons for each implementation choice.  Here are four implementation choices and their respective pros and cons:

Implementation Choice



Natively using Google Sync to use the standard iOS Contacts, Calendar & Mail apps pre-installed on your iPhone/iPad 
  • If you like the native apps, stick with this method.
  • There is no cost but your time to set it up.
  • Includes the ability to sync all 3 (contacts/calendar/email) with one account setup
  • Works offline



Using Calenmob
  • Calenmob (although not made by Google) provides the closest experience to a Google Calendar desktop experience.
  • It complements the Gmail app which has been updated.
  • Free and Pro versions available.
  • Multiple calendars are a breeze to setup.
  • You can work with your iOS calendars on it.
  • Works offline


  • You can only sync with one Google account.
  • Contacts still need to be set to sync separately by CardDav.


Using CardDav
  • Uses an open internet standard instead of the Microsoft Exchange Activesync protocol used  for Google Sync.
  • Works for Google Apps for Business Accounts and personal Google accounts.
  • Works offline.



Using the Safari or Chrome browser
  • Available online with Safari or Chrome if all the above methods aren’t working for whatever reason


  • Not available offline
  • Not as nice an interface (limited views)



The implementation choice that’s best for you will depend on your work habits.  
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