In our opinion, Salesforce has the best CRM product on the market.   Why do we think this?  It comes down to two reasons: 1) as a company, is a leader in innovation (and was ranked #1 on Forbes Magazine’s  World’s Most Innovative Companies list), and 2) we use Salesforce CRM everyday in our business.  In most cases, Salesforce CRM can be quickly customized to meet the needs of most companies.   However, every company is different and sometimes an industry specific CRM product  just makes more sense given the amount of unique requirements that an industry has.  We recommend 3 industry specific CRM products that are built on the platform: Jobscience, Propertybase Real Estate CRM, and Mortgage Planner CRM:





Jobscience has a long history in HR and recruiting.  Several years ago they made the strategic shift to move to the platform (what Salesforce CRM runs on).  This allowed them to focus on their customers and app development, not on the platform. Consequently, the power of the platform separates it from its competition.   For HR departments or recruiting firms, Jobscience is a great fit.  It works as a standalone app or can be added onto an existing org.

Propertybase Real Estate CRM


Propertybase is for real estate developers and agents (both residential & commercial).  Because it’s designed out of the box for real estate, it adapts more quickly to the needs of developers & agents.  It has built in tools like a listing browser and the ability to tie in with MLS.


Mortgage Planner CRM


Mortgage Planner CRM is for mortgage brokerages.  It has built in workflow and email templates that help brokers manage their loans throughout the complete loan process.   It uses the feature that makes sense for needs of brokers and it does it at a price point that makes sense too.


Industry specific CRM built on the platform gives customers the best of what has to offer without the features that those industries would never use and consequently shouldn’t be paying for. They offer the same ability to add appexchange apps and they get the same platform upgrades like just like Salesforce CRM licensed customers get.   Most importantly, they offer all the advantages the cloud offers.