Chatter Customer Groups are a great way to collaborate with your customers and have all the posts and files contained in your Salesforce org.  This feature is  included in all editions of Salesforce CRM (even Group Edition) so take advantage of it.   Here are our best practice recommendations for using Chatter Customer Groups:


  • Use the “invite people” link on the group to invite customers.  Once they have signed up they will display under customers. Administrators can also create “Chatter External” users but it’s best to have your group owners or managers invite customers directly.
  • Suggest that customers turn on the email settings for the group to receive email (on every post or in a daily digest recommended).  This way they don’t have to login to see what’s happening in the group.  Otherwise the default is to never receive email on general posts by members.
  • @mention a customer in a post or comment to ensure that they receive a copy by email immediately as their default settings will have “mentions me in a post” enabled
  • Reply to chatter email notifications by email.    Just make sure the from address is  It’ll be quicker in most instances but just remember to remove your signature.  For further info refer to this article.
  • If multiple files are needed to be uploaded, then use the Files tab and select the group.  You can drag files in multiples however if you want them to appear in a certain order, please keep the following in mind that the group will show the 5 most recent files posted to that group.  Just click on the show all link to access the older files posted to that group.
  • If individual files are posted and notification to clients is desired, then post through the group feed.  A preview will display in the feed, the client will be notified by email based on their email settings and the file will show up on the most recent list below.
  • Setup a report to monitor your groups if you plan on having multiples to manage your client collaboration.  This way you can easily see if your customers have signed up and what their group email settings are for example.



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