Earlier this year, our friends at RingCentral surveyed 448 businesses to discover if trends when it comes to how connected workers are to their jobs outside of the workplace.  The results of the survey are very interesting as they found that the line between work life and personal life is being blurred as workers stay connected to work outside of the traditional work week.  RingCentral summarized the results of the survery in an infographic (see below) as this is the one of the best mediums to communicate survey results to the masses.  Here is a quick summary of the key findings of the survey:


  • 79% of workers work past traditional office hours in an average week
  • 35% of workers take work-related calls on the go in their car
  • 40% of workers are connected to their work email on more than 2 devices
  • 17% of workers spend more than 6 hours on the weekend doing work outside of the office


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