Gone are the days when all employees commute to a traditional office space to do their job.  These days, employers are embracing the concept of working remotely as cloud-based technology allows employees to stay connected and work from home (or virtually anywhere).  In 2013, RingCentral published an interesting infographic that highlights some of the key benefits of working remotely based on three key areas including: productivity, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact.


Key Benefits of Working Remotely

  • Productivity – Allowing employees to work from home/work remotely is a win-win situation as it reduces distractions and increases a worker’s productivity.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Companies can save money (in the areas of real estate, utilities, parking spaces etc.) if employees work remotely
  • Environmental Impact –  By working from home, employees spend less time commuting and reduce their use of gas (which leads to less greenhouse gas emissions)




Has your company embraced the trend of working remotely?  At Perpetual West, we can help your employees work at home or from anywhere by using cloud-based solutions (like RingCentral, Google Apps for Business, and Salesforce).  To learn more, call us at 1-877-388-6400 or visit our website at www.perpetualwest.com.