Did you know that there are over 3 million company pages on LinkedIn?  As a social network, LinkedIn continues to grow (with more than 225 million users from over 200 countries/territories as of June 2013) and is recognized as one of the most popular social platforms for marketers.  A LinkedIn Company Page is a great way for companies of all sizes and from any industry to connect with LinkedIn users from around the world.   Once a LinkedIn user ‘follows’ your LinkedIn Company Page, any updates that you post on your company page (i.e. announcements, blog posts, videos etc.) will appear on the user’s homepage and helps them to stay up to date on your products/services and engage in a conversation with you.

Recently, I came across an interesting infographic created that focused on fun facts about the 3 million+ LinkedIn Company Pages.  Here are a few of the fun facts that stood out to me:


  • Over 500,000 Company Pages have been added in the last 12 months
  • 1, 275,000 distinct products and services are spotlighted on LinkedIn
  • 148 industries are represented on LinkedIn Company Pages
  • Updates that get the most action/response include:
    1. Company branding – inside looks and interviews
    2. Employment branding and career opportunities
    3. Tips and best practices
    4. Fun facts and quotes


If your company doesn’t have a LinkedIn company page, it’s not too late to start!  For more information about how to create a LinkedIn company page, go to our blog post called How To Construct a LinkedIn Company Page. Scroll down to read a full copy of the 3 Million Company Pages and Counting infographic by LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Company Pages - Infographic

Source: LinkedIn Blog


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