Cloud computing is being embraced by businesses of all sizes – from small businesses to large corporations.  Many small businesses are ‘moving to the cloud’ so that they can take advantage of key benefits including:  cost savings, flexibility to work from anywhere, ability to collaborate with colleagues on a document, data security, and improved efficiency.

Recently, I found an infographic that focuses on the topic of cloud computing and small business owners.  This infographic does a great job of highlighting the reasons why small business owners are using the cloud, the types of services that small businesses are spending money on, and how the cloud creates success.  The infographic shows readers that cloud computing is continuing to grow in popularity and that it has definite benefits for small business owners.  When it comes to cloud computing, small business owners need to know that working in the  cloud makes sense – especially to their bottom line and the functionality of cloud-based products.  At Perpetual West, we use cloud-based products in every aspect of our business and definitely see the benefits that working in the cloud provides for small businesses like ourself.


Key Statistics/Findings:

  • Small businesses used 4 cloud services on average in 2012, up from 1 cloud service in 2009.  
  • Small businesses in the U.S. spent $3.5 billion on cloud technology in 2012, up 41% from the $2.2 billion spent in 2010
  • Cloud-based services that small businesses are spending money on include a diverse group of services including: IT tools, project management, CRM, and email
  • Cloud computing reduces IT labor costs by 50%


 Check out the full version of the infographic below to see all of the statistics and findings. 


A Flood of Savings: Small Businesses and the Cloud


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