The best place to find business apps that are compatible with Salesforce CRM is the AppExchange. The AppExchange was launched in 2005 as a ‘one stop shop’ for Salesforce customers to find business apps that are ready to be used in the Salesforce CRM environment.

When you go to the AppExchange website, the first thing that you notice is that the apps are arranged by category:

  • Most Popular 
  • New 
  • Native (i.e. apps that are built on the platform by 3rd party developers) 
  • Featured Apps 

*Note: Some apps are only available directly from the company’s website and may not be listed on AppExchange.

All apps have a profile that users can review including: app description, pricing, specifications and reviews. Some apps even offer a free trial so that a new user can test drive the app to see if it meets the need that they need to address in their business.

On AppExchange, users can do more than just find free or paid Salesforce-friendly apps. Users can also do the following:

  • Find app developers,
  • Find consulting partners in their area, and
  • Learn how to list/market their own app on AppExchange

As an AppExchange Consulting Partner, we can help you find the cloud computing apps that address the ‘pain points’ in your business. Contact Perpetual West at (403) 246-6400 to see how we can help you!