In the technology world, the battle for app supremacy continues between Apple and Google.  In the past, many articles have been written that compare the App Store and Google Play based on metrics like the number of apps, number of downloads, rate of growth, sales, market share and so on.  What about unconventional metrics like the daily amount of revenue generated for developers, top publishers,  revenue based on country, search functionality, price point distribution, cost of apps, revenue, and security of data?  Look no further as Kinvey has created an infographic that presents an ‘uncommon comparison of the App Store vs. Google Play’ and highlights key statistics based on unconventional metrics.

Notable Statistics and Findings

  • Market Share – When it comes to market share, the competition isn’t even close.  Google Play’s market share is 74.4% (vs. 18.2% for the App Store).  Even though the App Store has a smaller market share, the App Store generates $5.1 million per day in revenue for app developers while Google Play generates a significantly lower amount per day (i.e. $1.1 million) for their app developers.
  • Growth in Revenue –  When looking at a map of the world, the App Store is growing leaps and bounds outside of the United States and is outperforming Google Play in the Asian and European markets.
  • Search Function – When it comes to search functionality, Google Play wins the battle.  Google Play’s search function is superior to that of the App Store and Google Play’s search function can easily find an app even if a keyword is misspelled.
  • Cost of Apps – Did you know that the App Store and Google Play have very different price caps for apps available in their respective marketplaces?  Apple’s price cap is $999.99 whereas Google’s price cap is $200.00.


Check out the full infographic below to learn more about the battle between Apple and Google and discover key differences between these two marketplace competitors.


Apps & Oranges: App Store vs Google Play

Source of Infographic 

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