Are you interested in running your Canadian nonprofit organization (NPO) from a browser?  Do you want to use industry leading solutions that for-profit companies are using except get the use of them for free (or at a discounted rate)?  Here are 10 cloud apps to take a serious look at:



      1. Salesforce CRM.  The leader in cloud CRM, it is currently in use by  over 17,000 nonprofit organizations. The Salesforce Foundation provides 10 free Enterprise Edition licenses (valued at $15000 a year) to qualified Canadian nonprofits and additional licenses come with a hefty discount.  Salesforce has it’s own nonprofit version with customizations already tailored to non-profits.  The Salesforce AppExchange (their app store) also has many apps that add additional functionality and are free for nonprofits.


      2. Google Apps for Nonprofits.  It’s currently only available in the US , but if your charity is registered in the US in addition to Canada, consider applying.  If not, the paid version is only $50/user/yr which may fit into your budget.  You get all the same apps available to businesses like Gmail, Calendar, Drive & Sites.  Collaborate like never before within your nonprofit and eliminate the need for desktop apps like Outlook, Word and Excel.  Click here for a list of the included apps and their features.  To apply for Google Apps for Nonprofits, click here.
      3. Cirrus Insight.  If you use Salesforce CRM and Google Apps, then we highly recommend that you consider Cirrus Insight.  This app puts essential Salesforce data on a side panel in your Gmail.  They offer a 50% discount for nonprofits.  Refer to Salesforce for Gmail – Cirrus Insight for more details.
      4. Vertical Response. Need an email marketing tool? Get 10000 emails free/month.  Best of all, its integrated with Salesforce CRM  for full reporting capabilities and with social media (like Twitter and Facebook).
      5. WordPress.  The world’s leading blogging platform.  Set up an account for free at or better yet setup a self-hosted WordPress website using inexpensive hosting sites like Bluehost or Dreamhost.  Once your blog has been set up, you can create great content to promote and educate people about your cause.
      6. Facebook.  Engage, share and promote your causes on the world’s biggest social media network.  Click here for a simple guide on how non-profits can leverage the power of Facebook.  Best of all, having a Facebook account is free.
      7. Twitter.  The world’s second biggest social media network is a great way to get your message out in 140 characters or less.
      8. YouTube. Video is a great way (perhaps the best way) to get your message out.  Take advantage of the YouTube Nonprofit Program.  It’s free for Canadian nonprofits!


      9. Google Grants. Did you know that Google has an Adwords for Nonprofits program?   A generous daily budget of $330 USD is allocated to your Adwords and yes it’s available to Canadian nonprofits!
      10. Google Earth Outreach.  Google Earth Outreach gives nonprofit organizations  the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story in Google Earth and Maps to hundreds of millions of people.



      Perpetual West is a Salesforce Silver Cloud Alliance Partner and a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.  If your nonprofit organization needs help with cloud based solutions, contact us today at  1 (877) 388-6400.