These days, companies of all sizes are moving away from traditional phone systems and are embracing cloud-based phone systems.  If hosting a business phone system in the cloud is a new concept to you, you may be wondering how it works.  RingCentral, the leader in cloud-based business phone systems, has helped over 300,000 businesses move their phone systems to the cloud. Here’s a recent video from RingCentral’s YouTube Channel that explains what having a phone system in the cloud is all about:

Advantages of a RingCentral Cloud-Based Phone System


  1. No complex hardware to install or maintain
  2. No technical expertise required to manage or use your phone system as the user-based interface is easy to use
  3. Instant activation for your phone and/or fax service
  4. Latest features are updated automatically
  5. Access your phone system anytime and from anywhere….download an app and your can use your smartphone or tablet to make a call
  6. Can connect multiple offices (including employees that work from home) under one phone system
  7. Administrators can take advantage of call management options like creating extensions for departments, users and devices

Is your business interested in learning more about how RingCentral can help your business make the most of what the cloud has to offer?

As a RingCentral Authorized Dealer, we can help! Perpetual West offers installation assistance, training, and dedicated account management so that your business can get up and running in the cloud.  For more information, visit our website or call Perpetual West at 1-877-388-6400.