With a new year just around the corner, cloud communication is here to stay.  A recent survey by Frost & Sullivan discovered that the number of users in North America that use cloud communication systems for business has doubled over the past 3 years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Why are companies embracing cloud communication as “the way to do business?”.   According to an infographic based on the survey findings, RingCentral found that there are 6 key reasons why companies are adopting cloud communication:

  1. Enables us to support our mobile workforce
  2. Faster access to advanced features and capabilities
  3. Can reassign IT/telecom staff to more strategic tasks
  4. Provides greater flexibility at times of rapid growth or downsizing
  5. Eliminates the hassle of integrating products from multiple vendors
  6. Cost of hosted communications is predictable


Companies – regardless of size – are looking for cloud-based tools that are cost-effective, allow the user quick access to features/updates, can grow with/change with the company, and support a workforce that operate from multiple locations.  What is your company looking for when it comes to cloud communications?


For more statistics and trends, scroll down to view a full copy of the infographic.



Source: http://blog.ringcentral.com/2014/11/cloud-communications/