When it comes to phone systems, is your company ready to think outside of the box? In a recent survey, RingCentral – the leader in cloud-based business phone systems – surveyed over 300 IT decision makers to learn more about the key issues that these decision makers have with on-premise phone systems.   RingCentral discovered that the issues that IT decision makers have about on-premise phone systems are based on 3 key factors: complexity, flexibility, and cost.  According to RingCentral, here are a few of the ways that current on-premise phone systems are missing the mark:

  • Too Complex to Manage – 23% thought that their current on-premise phone system was hard to administer or manage
  • Lack of Flexibility – 22% thought that their current on-premise phone system was not flexible enough to support mobile workers
  • Lack of Integration – 23% said that their current on-premise phone system doesn’t integrate with other business applications
  • Cost – 33% thought that their current on-premise phone system was too expensive


When asked about a cloud-based business phone system,  92% of IT decision makers were interested in the benefits that a cloud business phone system has to offer vs. the traditional on-premise phone system.  Key benefits of a cloud business phone system include:

  1. Cost – cloud business phone system is less expensive than an on-premise phone system
  2. Mobility – mobile apps are available that allow employees to use smartphones for business
  3. Scalable – easy to expand as the business grows
  4. Easy to Manage – user friendly interface
  5. Ease of Use – eliminates set-up and ongoing maintenance





To learn more about the RingCentral survey, check out a full version of the infographic below:



Moving Phones to the Cloud Has BIG Business Benefits

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