Creating an email signature with social media icons is an easy and effective way to share your corporate social media accounts with others.   An optimized email signature can help to grow your ‘likes’ /’followers’/’connections’ on your social media accounts, increase readership of your company blog, and help individuals better understand your company as a whole.  If you use Gmail, you have a great option when it comes to adding social media icons to your email signature: using Gmail’s built in signature tool.

Gmail’s Signature Tool:

  • Click on the gear icon (located in the top right hand corner of your Gmail inbox) to access Gmail Settings        

Gear icon


  • On the Settings > General tab, scroll down to the email signature section of the page
  • Make sure that your contact information is entered in the email signature box.  Put your cursor under your contact information and click on the insert image button .

 gmail signature - insert image screenshot




  • Enter the image URL for the social media icon that you want to use.  If you are looking for high quality icons, go to IconFinder to find any social media icons that you need for your email signature.
  • Use your cursor to highlight the social media icon that you just inserted into your electronic signature. Click on the link button to enter the URL of the social media account that you want to link the image to (i.e.

gmail signature - link image screenshot





  • Continue to add additional social media icons until your email signature includes all of your social media accounts.  Once your email signature looks the way you want it to, save your changes at the bottom of the General tab screen.  Here’s an example of what an email signature looks like in the signature tool box once social media icons have been added:


Email signature