One of the reasons we like Google Apps for Business is the constant innovation.  In November 2012, Google announced the “new compose experience”.  Even though composing an email the old way worked well, Google always find a way to make it better.  Here are 5 reasons why you may want to switch to the new compose and reply experience:


  • It’s a time saver.  Open a compose window or two while rummaging through your inbox.  Refer to old emails to start a new conversation.
  • It uses less screen space.  It pops up a window like chat or tasks.
  • It lets you insert Google Drive files or folders.  If the contact you are sending the file to does not have adequate permissions to view the file, a popup window alerts you to change the permissions so that they can.  You can also insert files up to 10 GB in size stored in Drive right into emails.



  • In replies, you can start a new conversation.  Do you get frustrated when people reply to email with a totally different subject?  I sure do and this is a welcome feature.
  • Drag & drop the new address chips between to:, cc: and bcc:  No need to cut and paste, just drag.  Your contacts also have their Google account pictures associated with them as you add them.  It’s a nice touch.


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