If you use Gmail, one of the features that you can personalize is your Gmail signature. This can be easily done via the ‘gears’ icon found on the on the top right hand side of the Gmail inbox.  Here are our recommended practices for using Gmail signatures:

  • If you have a graphic you want to use, it’s best to post it within your website images folder and then refer to the URL.  Don’t use a copied URL  from somewhere else like a Twitter or Facebook icon.  You’re bound to get a broken link at some point.
  • If you don’t want your signature on the bottom of every email (below the quoted text in a reply) and the “–” before every signature drives you crazy, enable the signature tweaks lab.
  • If you don’t want your signature to go out with every email, then turn off signatures and turn on the canned response lab.  Then you can simply insert your signature when you wish.  If you have several identities with the same outgoing email address then this lab also allows you to work with multiple signatures.
  • If you have multiple outgoing email addresses (send mail as) then keep in mind that you can have a different signature enabled for each one.