Gmail has changed the way a lot of small and medium businesses think about email. Instead of having headaches like they did with traditional POP email, Gmail users have gotten accustomed to having their email in sync across all their devices and years worth of storage.  Most importantly, users have taken advantage of Google’s search prowess and simply search to find emails  knowing they are but a simple query and a click away.  There’s no more mass filing of email in folders and subfolders (like in Outlook) to know where to refer to emails.  Gmail search just finds what you’re looking for quickly.  Here are 5 reasons why we love Gmail search:

  1. It searches everything about your email including header, subject, body and attachments (i.e. it will index a pdf for example and content within attachment is searchable).
  2. You can search with multiple keywords. For example “first name” “project”. [ Refer to video below]
  3. It has advanced search capabilities. Our favorites are to:address,  from:address and is:unread. Click here to see a  complete list of advanced search features.
  4. All the above works the same with the Gmail app on your iPhone/iPad or Android smartphone.
  5. You can search Google Drive docs at the same time.




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