Gmail Labs are a “testing ground for experimental features” and “may change, break or disappear at any time” according to the disclaimer.   Labs that are currently available are listed within a user’s Gmail settings (via the gears icon).  In our opinion, the good ones aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Here are our favorite labs in no particular order:

  1. Canned responses.  They’re great for inserting one or multiple signatures and for that generic response you always seem to sending.  Save yourself a ton of time.  Just save them and then send your common messages using a button next to the compose form. Better yet, automatically send them using filters.



  2. Preview Pane.  If you’re still adjusting from Outlook and miss the preview window in Outlook, enable the same functionality with this lab.  Looking for more help in dealing with the transition from Outlook?  Refer to Life After Outlook = Email in the Cloud?
  3. Undo Send.  This one has saved me for than a few times.  If you hit send too soon, you have a few seconds to “Undo”.
  4. Background Send.  Don’t wait for large attachments to upload to keep on working.  If you’re a multitasker with little patience, this lab is for you.  However, with the ability to send links to docs in Google Drive with the new compose functionality (refer to Google Apps Gmail – The New Compose Experience), the need to attach large files is lessened.
  5. Multiple Inboxes.  If you like segregated lists of emails, try out multiple inboxes.  There are a ton of ways you can configure them.


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