DocuSign is the most popular eSignature solution in the marketplace and is listed as one of the top paid business apps on,.  As of July 2012, DocuSign has more than 20 million users around the world and users have signed more than 150 million documents using this electronic signature technology.  Companies that use DocuSign come from a variety of industries including: technology, financial services, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and more.

DocuSign Features:

  • Fast and efficient way to sign documents and contracts
  • Secure way to send documents (as all DocuSign documents are encrypted)
  • eSignature is legally recognized as the equivalent to a ‘pen and paper’ signature
  • Signed documents are stored securely in the cloud and be accessed at any time by the sender or the recipient
  • Can be used on any device (i.e desktop, tablet, smart phone)
  • Available in 4 editions (i.e. personal, professional, workgroup, and enterprise)
  • Free trial available at DocuSign website

Ultimately, DocuSign can help companies save time, increase productivity, and close business deals quicker.   If your company isn’t using DocuSign right now, what are you waiting for?