You’ve built a nice presentation and setup a live demo.  The time has been set and the attendees have been confirmed.  Now all you need is a simple application and reliable technology to facilitate the online meeting.  This is the piece of the puzzle that is usually out of your control.  You want to have a successful online meeting but what can you do to ensure a seamless experience for you and your attendees?  As a presenter, you have probably heard comments like this before:

  • “It’s asking me to download something to join the meeting.  Now my computer’s thinking but nothing’s happening.”
  • “I can see your screen but there’s a huge delay”
  • “Why does it want to install Java, aren’t there security issues with Java?”
  • “I just used this app to attend a meeting with your before, after a download and now it wants to install an update or something before connecting.”

Needless to say, dealing with problems is very frustrating and not how you want to start your sales presentation. We’ve just learned about a better way to conduct a sales presentation online and this blog post is dedicated to it. Introducing Crunched Online Meetings.

The advantages of using Crunched Online Meetings include:

    1. Your attendees don’t have to download anything!   GoToMeeting & Webex can’t boast this.  This can save you an enormous amount of grief in trying to get the meeting started.
    2. You can give your attendees a simple online  meeting room URL that doesn’t change!  No more ridiculously long meeting URLs, just
    3. Have Crunched call you to connect to the meeting.  Rather than referring to the conference number and meeting ID’s, just have Crunched call and connect you.
    4. Upload slide decks.  Upload a presentation and it’s available to you and your company colleagues for use (if you share it with them).
    5. Email presentations and track their use. You can track who opens them and to whom they’re getting forwarded. You can also update them afterwards and the link will show the updated version.
    6. Social connections.  LinkedIn is nicely integrated and so are Twitter and Facebook.
    7. Salesforce integration.  It’s nothing fancy but your outgoing emails from Crunched can be associated to their corresponding records in Salesforce via email to Salesforce functionality.


Are you interested in trying out Crunched Online Meetings?

Visit the Crunched website today for a free 30 day trial.