For the ‘always on, always connected’ society we find ourselves in, it’s hard to step away from updating our status on social media accounts (like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn), looking up information on Google, or checking out email on smartphones from dawn to dusk.  However, when you go on vacation, you need to unplug from it all for a while.  Here are a couple simple ways we use cloud apps to look after things while we’re away:

Gmail Vacation Responder

Simply click on the gear in the top right corner of your Gmail screen.  On the general tab, scroll down until you see vacation responder.  Adjust the settings as desired.  Since this is so easy to set, consider being creative with your response.  Here are a few examples to inspire you:


RingCentral Answering Rules

From the online console, select Settings | My Settings | Call Handling & Forwarding, then click on “Advanced”.   The will allow you to setup an advanced call handling rule which will override the user and after hours rules.  Add a new rule and choose to base the rule on a date and/or time condition.  Then choose a specific date range.  Also choose what you’d like to do with the calls like forward, take messages only or play announcement only.  Configure the rest of the options and make sure to save the rule and that it’s enabled.






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