is the leading multi-tenant cloud platform on the market.   According to the website, more than 100,000 companies use to develop apps that are used in businesses around the world.   If you’re thinking about building a database-centric app, you should definitely consider and keep in mind’s five key advantages:


        1. The AppExchange.  With an ecosystem of over 1500 apps listed (almost half of them for free), AppExchange has a lot of tools available to businesses looking for somewhere to get a head start.
        2. It’s social.  All apps include built in collaboration using Salesforce Chatter.  The world is social so why not make your business social improve collaboration internally and with your customers.
        3. It’s mobile.  Apps can be run on any mobile device using native apps for Android and iPhone/iPad.  The Salesforce Touch platform also enables apps to run in HTML 5 enabled browsers with an touch interface.
        4. It’s agile.  It’s quick to develop apps primarily with clicks and minimal coding.  Integration with other apps is possible with open APIs.
        5. It’s proven.  More than 100,000 for profit companies and 15,000 non-profit companies trust it daily.    It has accredited world class data centers with back-up, failover and disaster-recovery and large enterprises depending on a solid uptime record.



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