Life After Microsoft Outlook = Email in the Cloud?

A decade ago, the on-premise version of Microsoft Outlook was the longstanding benchmark email client for most businesses as the Windows PC dominated the marketplace .  However, with the advent and massive growth of smartphone platforms (like iOS and Android), mobile email client use has surpassed desktop and even webmail clients.  Since their iPhones and Galaxy S3s follow them everywhere they go, most users are often dealing with their email on a bus or a coffee shop just like they do in the office.  As a result, being efficient with email and having access to it anywhere has never been more important.  This is where cloud email comes in and is changing the IT landscape.  These days, Google’s Gmail email app now serves almost half a billion users.  Taking into account the popularity of Gmail,  Microsoft is playing catch up with their rebranded entry into the cloud email market, (i.e. a replacement for Hotmail).  Here are 5 reasons why Gmail makes life after Outlook seem pretty bright:

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