Why Are Companies Adopting Cloud Communication? [INFOGRAPHIC]

With a new year just around the corner, cloud communication is here to stay.  A recent survey by Frost & Sullivan discovered that the number of users in North America that use cloud communication systems for business has doubled over the past 3 years and there is no sign of this trend slowing down. Why are companies embracing cloud communication as “the way to do business?”.   According to an infographic based on the survey findings, RingCentral found that there are 6 key reasons why companies are adopting cloud communication:

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RingCentral Q&A – How Does a Phone System in the Cloud Work?

These days, companies of all sizes are moving away from traditional phone systems and are embracing cloud-based phone systems.  If hosting a business phone system in the cloud is a new concept to you, you may be wondering how it works.  RingCentral, the leader in cloud-based business phone systems, has helped over 300,000 businesses move their phone systems to the cloud. Here’s a recent video from RingCentral’s YouTube Channel that explains what having a phone system in the cloud is all about:

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Three Key Benefits of Working Remotely

Gone are the days when all employees commute to a traditional office space to do their job.  These days, employers are embracing the concept of working remotely as cloud-based technology allows employees to stay connected and work from home (or virtually anywhere).  In 2013, RingCentral published an interesting infographic that highlights some of the key benefits of working remotely based on three key areas including: productivity, cost effectiveness, and environmental impact.

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RingCentral Infographic – Are You Working Effectively?

Earlier this year, our friends at RingCentral surveyed 448 businesses to discover if trends when it comes to how connected workers are to their jobs outside of the workplace.  The results of the survey are very interesting as they found that the line between work life and personal life is being blurred as workers stay connected to work outside of the traditional work week.  RingCentral summarized the results of the survery in an infographic (see below) as this is the one of the best mediums to communicate survey results to the masses.  Here is a quick summary of the key findings of the survey: Read More