Cirrus Insight has always been the best app when it comes to connecting Salesforce and Google Apps, but a few recent additions to the app have removed any doubt.  Here’s a few new reasons why we use and recommend this app to all our clients.


Contact Sync – Your Salesforce contacts sync across to your Google Contacts.  Although this is only one way at the moment, I only ever recommend  syncing from Salesforce to Google anyways because Salesforce should be your system of record and syncing in the other direction has the potential to wreak havoc no matter how good the sync tool.  Need to make updates to contacts while mobile, just use the new Salesforce1 mobile app which works well on iOS and newer Android devices.  Cirrus also lets you create up to 5 sync sets depending on how complex you want to get in bringing contacts across.  Ultimately, this feature allows you to auto-complete emails quickly in Gmail and make calls using your mobile device as the contacts will exist is your native contact list on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  Here are further details on this feature.

Signature Extraction – Although the older version of Cirrus allowed you to quickly create Salesforce contacts or leads from an email, they now have the ability to extract signature data from an email and auto-populate those fields for your review.  This minimizes any manual copying and pasting that is required typically.  This feature is a huge time saver and motivator.  It’s now so easy to add contacts or leads, I actually like it.  Here are further details on this feature.

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Appexchange App Integration – If you’ve added a 3rd party Appexchange app to Salesforce, most likely it will have created a custom object in Salesforce.  Cirrus is able to see that object (if it’s a related list on a contact or lead) and consequently you as a user are able to interact with it within Gmail.  Below is an example using  It’s important to note that the same applies for any custom objects that you may have created.  This can be very handy

[vsw id=”yOvb6vauYQQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


Calendar Sync –  This ones been around a little longer but just does the job behind the scenes with a simple check box enabled in the settings.  Calendar events will sync both ways from your primary Google calendar to your Salesforce calendar.  If add attendees to your Google calendar event, it will relate those events to the matching contact records in Salesforce.  This is handy for those of us who prefer to create events in Google but have them show up and relate in Salesforce.

Click here for a 14 day trial and be sure to use promo code PERPETUAL for a 20% discount.  Need help getting setup and getting the most out of the app, give us a call at 1-877-388-6400.  We use Cirrus every day, let us show you how to get the most out of this app.  For our original post on Cirrus Insight, click here.  For a more recent overview of the app, refer to video below. 

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