According to, Salesforce Touch “…gives you real-time access to the same information that you see in the office, but organized for work on the go “.   It’s designed to work with all touch devices,  however as of  the Salesforce Spring ’13 edition only Apple iPad (2nd- and 3rd-generation), with iOS® version 5.0 or higher is supported.  For us Android aficionados, that leaves us a little wanting to say the least.  However, for those keen to use Salesforce Touch on their Android, there is a temporary solution until it is officially released.  Here’s how:

  • Once installed, change the User Agent under settings within Dolphin Browser to iPad


  • Dolphin Browser   Dolphin Browser



  • Go to in the Dolphin Browser and login with your username/password


Salesforce log in


  • Now have a look around.   Sometimes I have to refresh the browser to get touch functionality but all in all for a temporary fix it works not too bad.  Let’s hope for an official release in the Summer’13 edition.


Salesforce log in


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