We think that RingCentral is the best cloud-based business phone system on the market designed for small and medium sized businesses.   We use RingCentral in our business and know that their product can help other small and medium sized businesses looking for a better way to do business.  Out of their laundry list of features, here are our top 5 favorite RingCentral features:


    • Call quality – If you have high speed internet and better yet, the ability to prioritize VOIP traffic with a business quality router, the call quality is amazing and indistinguishable from traditional telephone.


    • Mobile apps. – For iPhone and Android, the RingCentral app is awesome.  Not only can you change your Do Not Disturb settings, check voicemail and other things you’d expect, you can also make all the admin changes to your phone system like adding users, extensions etc.  For today’s mobile world, RingCentral is definitely a leader in this space.


    • Unlimited calling in the US/Canada –   On cost alone, you can save up to 80% on your current phone bill.  Pricing is also simple and straight forward and you don’t need a university degree to understand it.


    • Built-in Internet Fax –   With all the phone functionality, the fax functionality often gets forgotten.  There’s no need to have a separate fax account as RingCentral comes with a dedicated fax number on all Office Plans.  It also comes with the ability to receive faxes on all the direct dial numbers for each user on the system.


    • Flexibility –  Not only does the administration console allow you to easily navigate and setup your system to your liking but it gives you the flexibility yo enable functionality that would traditionally be only available on expensive PBX systems.


RingCentral is the leader in Cloud Business phone systems and that’s why we’ve chose to work with them as a RingCentral Authorized Dealer.  Interested in learning more about RingCentral?    Sign up today for a free demonstration today!