Gmail is one of Google’s key products in the Google Apps for Business suite of products.   Many businesses are using Gmail to help run their businesses more efficiently and and effectively.  As of January 2012, there are approximately 349 million active Gmail accounts in the world and the popularity of Gmail does not seem to be slowing down.  To get the most out of your Gmail account, we suggest that Gmail users should tweak their account settings.


How Do I Adjust My Gmail Account Settings?

Adjusting your Gmail account settings is simple.  Click on the gears-like icon near the top right hand corner of your Gmail inbox.  This will open up a drop down menu that will allow you to change your display density, settings, themes, and access the help menu.


Top 5 Settings Tips For Google Apps Gmail Users

Here are our top 5 ways to get the most out of your Gmail account by adjusting your account settings:


1.    Choose inbox style (via Settings > Inbox tab).

    • You can choose 1 of 5 different inbox styles to fit your needs.  For example, Priority Inbox sets important messages apart from other messages in your inbox.  You can change your inbox style as often as you like (which is important if you just want to try out a style to see if it works).

2.    Create a custom inbox theme (via Settings > Themes tab)

    • You can personalize the look of your Gmail inbox by choosing a color theme, HD image theme, or a classic theme.  Google recently announced that Gmail users would also be able to upload their own photos to act as a background image for their inbox.  This feature is being rolled out and should be available to Gmail users soon.


 3.    Use stars to highlight important messages

    • If you use the Priority Inbox style, you can click on the star image to the left of a message to highlight it and keep it in the special ‘starred’ section of your inbox.  This helps you to keep track of messages that you have read but need to respond to.

4.    Create an email signature (via Settings > General tab)

    • You can create a personalized email signature that will appear at the bottom of every email message sent from your account.  Email signatures can include contact information, social media information (i.e. website, Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn account information), and even images.
    • If you need a signature for each account (identity) you have setup, you can do that as well.  If you need multiple signatures to use with a single account, consider enabling the Labs “Canned Responses” feature.

5.    Archive messages instead of deleting messages

    • Since Google Apps for Business users start at 25 GB of storage space for email, there is no need to delete messages!  Archived messages are kept forever (unlike deleted messages that are stored for 30 days) and can be found easily by typing in a name or keyword in the search field at the top of your inbox.