If your business uses a cloud phone system like RingCentral, you’ve already experienced the advantages that the cloud has to offer.  One of the key features RingCentral offers is their voicemail.  If you’re used to getting voicemail off your smartphone (iPhone/Android), consider receiving all your voicemail through your RingCentral mailbox.  Here are the top 5 reasons why you should use your RingCentral mailbox for all of your voicemail messages:

  1. All of your business calls come through your business number.  If your customers are used to phoning your mobile number, consider porting that number to RingCentral.  All your voice messages and fax messages will flow through your business number.  This helps to maintain some sanity in your personal life.
  2. You can have one mailbox for the whole company (or set up multiple mailboxes with an auto-receptionist).  Avoid getting some messages on your business voicemail and some on your smartphone.  Get them all in one spot so that they’re easy to manage.
  3. You can get your messages by phone, email, PC or smartphone.  With a  PC or via the dedicated app for Android and iPhone/iPad, you can listen to your voicemail in any order, review message details, preview faxes and delete or forward messages.
  4. You can upload professional talent greetings if you want a more professional feel.  Write a script, choose a voice talent and get a professional recording for as little as $50.
  5. Business SMS.  A new feature from RingCentral that let’s you receive SMS texts from customers to your business number and let’s you send customers texts from your RingCentral app on your Smartphone or your PC.   There’s no need to give out your mobile number to customers anymore.  Have a look at the video below for a better understanding.


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