National HealthClaim (NHC) offers innovative health spending accounts (HSAs) to businesses of all sizes.   With online administrative consoles available to both companies and agents, NHC has grown into a very agile company able to meet their customers varying requirements.  As a company focused on delivering the best HSA products and the service to match, NHC was determined to use the best tools internally to make that happen. We worked with NHC to understand their needs and to address the IT pain points within their business.  Here is a list of their IT pain points and the cloud-based solutions we used to solve the problem:

Pain Point #1

Zimbra was being used for email, contact & calendar.  However, NHC staff were finding it difficult to collaborate on the simple things like shared contacts, calendars and files.  In addition to enabling basic collaboration features, they needed to ensure that a new solution would work with existing cloud solutions Zendesk (used for customer service) and Mailchimp/Mandrill (being used for email marketing and transactional email).  Multiple domains and aliases also needed to be set up and syncing between iPads and iPhones was critical.

  lightbulbSolution = Google Apps For Business

Google Apps for Business (Corporate Gmail/Calendar/Drive) was setup to have their email in sync across all their iOS devices.  The web interface was adopted company wide and all legacy email/contacts/calendars were migrated from Zimbra.  Multiple domains and aliases were set up and immediately users were able to use share calendars.  Google Drive eliminated the need to use Dropbox and provided a much more seamless experience for working on shared files.  They are now able to search email and docs from within the Gmail search.   In short, Google Apps for Business eliminated the headaches they were having on a daily basis with their legacy platform.


Pain Point #2

NHC was an early adopter of VOIP technology.  With the cost savings reached using an on-premise VOIP PBX system, they paid for with call anomalies and the inability to tailor their legacy Trixbox system to their needs. Unaware of any viable alternatives, NHC chose to stick with their legacy system.  A lot of cell phone calls were made for important calls as there wasn’t an established trust in the system.

  lightbulb Solution = RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud based phone system that allows NHC to save monthly on their phone bill (like they were used to) while giving them the ability to administrate the system with a user friendly web console or smartphone. They can now tailor the system to their needs like adjusting department call queues on the fly.  As well, they no longer have to manage any server hardware within their office.  The RingCentral hosted PBX system runs in the cloud and all their legacy Linksys/Cisco phones were simply reprovisioned to connect to RingCentral.  Softphones were also set up on the owners MacBooks.  All their legacy numbers were ported to RingCentral (toll-free and local) and when they had some voice quality issues early on, RingCentral support stepped up to the plate to help with best practice setup and firewall configuration.   Internet quality issues were determined to be upstream and were identified and corrected by Nucleus.  Now NHC has the freedom to manage their system as they like and can take comfort in knowing that RingCentral is continually providing feature updates to make the system even more powerful.


NHC now has the tools in place to meet their needs and at a price that fits their budget.   To learn about how  Perpetual West can help your company solve IT pain points with cloud solutions, visit our website or call 1 (877) 388-6400.


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