Website Design – 12 Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

A company website is an important tool when it comes to marketing a product or service online.  From small businesses to large corporations, companies of all sizes can use their website to establish credibility with customers, create brand awareness, and engage potential customers.  One of the most important pages on a company’s website is the homepage because it is often the first point of contact that a customer has a company when searching for information online.  Companies need to pay special attention to their homepage as a well organized homepage can help a company convert site traffic into leads and sales.  Where do you start?  What criteria should you use to evaluate your homepage?

HubSpot has created a helpful infographic that describes the 12 critical elements that every homepage must have in order to convert site traffic to leads and sales.  To learn more about each of the elements, scroll through the full infographic listed below:

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5 Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

In today’s world of online marketing, email marketing continues to play an important role in a company’s online marketing efforts.  For small and medium sized businesses trying to watch their marketing budget, email marketing is an affordable and quick way to connect with customers.  Ultimately, an effective email marketing campaign can help a business build brand awareness, strengthen relationships with customers, generate leads, and increase sales.

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How Does Inbound Marketing Work? [Infographic]

Thanks to the internet, the way a company markets a product or service has changed. Consumers are now going online to research brands and products that can help them solve a problem.   With this change in consumer behaviour, companies are moving away from outbound marketing are now embracing inbound marketing as a key component of their marketing strategy.  While outbound marketing focuses on buying attention (via methods like direct mail, cold calls, flyers, tv advertisements etc.), inbound marketing focuses on earning the attention of customers by creating quality content that attracts potential customers to your company’s products and/or services.

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