Find The Right App To Solve Your Problem

Serving special functions many small and medium sized businesses complete on a daily basis, these specialty cloud apps will help save you time, money and resources


Save time, paper and money with eSignatures for Salesforce. By utilizing DocuSign, you can send and receive securely signed documents online, from any device, and fully integrate it within your Salesforce CRM.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight displays relevant Salesforce lead and contact information alongside emails in Gmail, easily allowing users to create leads and contacts, schedule tasks and events, and manage cases and opportunities right from Gmail.


This online project management and team collaboration tool acts like an Excel spreadsheet, but on an integrated level with its easy incorporation with Salesforce. Allowing teams to quickly share and work with Gantt charts and file sharing on Google Apps, iPads, and other online devices, collaboration will be a breeze.

Conga Merge

Create and deliver sophisticated documents, presentations and reports from Salesforce by automatically populating richly-formatted templates with data from any standard or custom object.

Form Assembly

Create elaborate web forms and connect them to any object in Salesforce.  Payment forms, application forms, surveys and contact forms can all be created and connected.

RollUp Helper

Build data rollups with standard and custom objects in Salesforce.  Removes the need for extensive coding that would typically be required.  Tons of use cases.


Map your Salesforce data.  Geopointe provides the ability to search your data geographically, get routing and optimization info, view geographic data on mobile and get detailed geo-analytics.

CRMFusion DemandTools

Remove your headaches associated with database management! CRMFusion DemandTools controls, standardizes, verifies, deduplicates, imports and generally manipulates data within a Salesforce database.

Customer service app for small business.  Tight integration with Salesforce and RingCentral.

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